Saturday, May 24, 2014

World War II and my Great Grand Uncle Frederick Martin Jr

"The greatest casualty is being forgotten"

I'm not sure who said that but I always hear it this time of year.  Memorial Day Weekend.  A three day weekend that kicks off the summer for some, a day of sorrow and pain for others.  This Memorial Weekend I want to add to my already annual Memorial Day service at the local cemetery by writing about one of my ancestral veterans and I've chosen the one that I know actually died while serving this great country.  He is of the Greatest generation and the one my father is named after.

Frederick Joseph Martin Jr

Born 1908 Brooklyn, NY
Died 26 Oct 1944 Germany

I actually don't know much about him but that he died in Germany during WWII.  I called my dad today to ask what else he knows and he informed me that "Uncle Freddie" was exhumed from France and brought home where he rests in Quincy, MA today.  I tried to find him on Find A Grave and Fold3 but no luck.  Dad did know that Uncle Freddie's son-in-law is still alive and suggested I call him.  I got the answering machine, left a message and hope to hear from him soon.

I would love to know who he fought under and what other battles he was involved in.  To be honest I don't really know that much about WWII, just the basics.  So I have made a vow to myself,  for the memory of my great grand uncle to learn the history of WWII and never forget those who gave all.

I do know a little about him but like I said not much.  I know that he is my paternal grandmother's brother.  I am named after his mother Victoria Lindstrom Martin.  He was married to Alice Marchand and left behind a little girl named Karin.

In the last course I took on the basics of genealogical research I learned a lot about family interviews.  I look forward to talking to Uncle Freddie's son-in-law. But until then...

Thank you Uncle Freddie.  You would never believe what America is like today.  Some say great some say a shame.  I say I'd be speaking Germany if it wasn't for you.

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