Monday, April 14, 2014

My Ongoing Never Ending Family Tree Chart

Do you have a paper family tree chart hanging on the wall in your house?  I think seeing a beautiful family tree in a home really shows how important family history is in that home.  For all the genealogy research I have done I have to say I've always wanted a nice framed family tree in my living room. However my perfectionism has gotten in the way.  I do have a nice large family tree I've been working on but it is not finished.  I have not had it framed because I would have to take it out of the frame to add to it.  When people walk in my home I want them to know my family and its history is my passion.   So I am going to have it framed with an easy to remove frame.

My first introduction to genealogy was from a second grade school project.  Our class assignment was to fill out a family tree chart.  I still have that chart with my father's careful handwriting.  It is fun to look back at it and see how much I have learned since then.

If family history is a passion for you I want to encourage you to hang a nice chart on a wall in your home for all to see.

Here is a link to a company that I have used often and below that a picture of the tree I'm working on and the one my father filled out for me in the second grade.

Paper Tree at

I am not sure why this last photo loads upside down, I have tried to turn it but keeps uploading upside down.  Crazy.

Anyway until next time happy hunting.

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